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Family Therapy

For families going through a difficult period, licensed professional counselor Colleen Torrence may be able to help. In her years in practice, she has assisted many families.

Colleen’s specialties include addressing worries about parent-child relationships, as well as attachment issues. In addition, she can provide couples with marriage counseling services.

Colleen also provides counseling for families going through family adjustment and divorce, and has provided supportive expert court testimony when needed. She also has been asked to summarize clinical impressions and assessments of parents for court purposes, and has been a resource educationally as an expert court witness in child and adolescent therapy.

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Adolescence can be a turbulent and emotional time. Colleen understands the hardships and upheaval that many children and teenagers face as they mature, which is why she offers a range of therapies for children and their families.  Colleen works with children from the ages of 5 through 18.

The counseling that Colleen provides is enhanced by her past work with children. In addition to serving as a school counselor, she has worked with foster care families and has led pre-adoptive counseling sessions. She also has extensive experience with treating emotionally disturbed young patients.


Trauma and Abuse Counseling

Sadly, traumatic events and abusive experiences are all too common. For those with a background of trauma or abuse, counseling may be able to help you resolve the anxiety, depression, grief or other effects.

Whether the abuse or trauma you, or your loved one, experienced occurred 10 hours or 10 years earlier, therapy can be an important step toward healing and recovery.

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